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Due to Covid we are not in a position to host any in person activities at this time

  • Submit photos for January theme judging – “Open Theme”

  • Submit photos for 4C’s January monthly EID competition

5 Thoughts to “Upcoming Activities”

  1. We used to be able to see the current club roster. How do we do this now?

    1. Ed,
      You can go to were it says MEMBER’S PAGE, drop down the select page and select Members.

  2. managed to log in. Now I can’t find where t submit photo for the monthly contest …:( ann

  3. Ann, Under the MEMBER’S AREA (LOGGED IN) there is a “select page” drop down arrow. drop it down and choose the Submit photos – Monthly Theme page. It will take you to the form for submitting the photos.

  4. Morning Ed thanks for the links to give us some ideas for this months contest. I found it helpful to see the examples to give me some ideas. Looking forward to getting my entries in soon. Steve…

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