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Here are the Photos for our April “Night Photography” photo judging

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  1. Will more categories be added to the member’s gallery section? Abstract, Experimental, General or Miscellaneous?

    1. Jim, I like your idea of adding more categories. What you see are the defaults that come with the plugin I’m trying to learn. I’ll start working on seeing how I can add the the new categories, and in general see how we can make it work better for us

  2. Ed, you’re doing an amazing job putting this all together..! As one whose done this sort of thing in the past, I know how difficult it is to make it look easy..! Well done you, keep up the great work..!

  3. We’ve gotten a few suggestions for Monthly Themes for 2023 which are:
    Night Photography
    Street Photography

    It would be nice to get some more!

  4. Ed – Thanks for all your work on this, things are looking good.

    Back when I was a lot younger we used to do whatsits. Themes might be abstracts of colors, or materials. They might have to be taken near a specific location, etc. Photos got rated about the same way as our current monthly shots plus a guess of what was photographed and/or where the shot was taken. If everybody agreees not to go pattern matching on the web it could still be good fun.

  5. Myles J Swift

    Hi Ed – Now that you have moved the mountain I have two questions for you. One won’t require much work and the other might. Look at my submission for this month and see that I put comments after most pictures.

    One of the things I liked about the in-person meetings was some feedback from each person about why they did or didn’t like something and what they would change about each picture. See what you think about making comments like the ones I added available on-line. Having the ability for each member to see the comments about their shots is the object, even if it a report that they look at or a text file that gets run.

    Second, now that you have given us a hi-res way to evaluate each picture it makes me want to educate myself about how each shot was taken. To that end I would like to know if it is feasible to see the EXIFs while scoring each picture.

  6. james d ronan jr

    Have been unable to access the monthly photo contests to vote. I have reviewed all the instructions, and it is not happening for me. I would really appreciate helpfromsomeone. Frustrated and inactive.

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